Our Recent Paper in Four Tweets

As promised, this is the tl;dr version of my previous post, where I have tried to reduce our open access paper into four tweet-length snippets per sub-heading. Here goes:

The History: A particular plankton shell used to reconstruct climate is purported to have 2 morphs that live in different depths of the ocean.

The Importance: If true, previous studies that attempt to quantify past oceanic climates from non-selective morphs of that plankton species are biased.

The Study: We analyzed pairs of extreme & intermediate morphs, & with a model, found that all morphs live in the top (<30 m) part of the ocean. 

The Implications: We conclude that morph-based uncertainty in this species when used for studying ancient (Holocene) climates is little-to-none.

Academia Bizarro: A Rhyme with Reason?

Here's a paper entitled Habitat Provision for Meiofauna by Fucus serratus Epifauna with Particular Data on the Flatworm Monocelis lineata by Patrick S. Boaden published in Marine Ecology. Why is it fit for Academia Bizarro? Well, the entire paper is in rhyme. The entire thing! Including materials, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions! The abstract:

Hat tip to AWI graduate student Marieke Feis for sending this paper my way and hats off to the author (and the editor) for publishing this enjoyable read!