A Liquid Nitrogen Incident

A couple of Tuesdays ago, Marissa Vara, an undergraduate researcher in our lab, and I were expecting our weekly liquid nitrogen delivery from Air Products. Before the delivery arrived, I remembered an errand I had to run in the other building. Before leaving, I told Marissa to text me when our delivery person showed up. Unfortunately, Marissa did not know that I had changed my phone number and I hadn't bothered to tell her either. So naturally she texted my old phone number, which, as we later figured out, now belongs to someone else. Comedy ensued (Marissa in blue; owner of my old ph. no. in silver):

Of course, with my penchant for eccentricity, Marissa thought this was weird but not outside the 2σ realm of possibilities. So she didn't mention the incident until yesterday when I told her that my phone number had changed. The eureka moment was, "Wait, then who was I texting about liquid nitrogen?!"