7Songs X

A return of 7Songs: where I list seven songs which have been on rotation over the last few weeks.

1. Elder - Sonntag

  • Another gorgeous album from the New England doomsters
  • Sonntag has a fantastic buildup

2. Night Demon - Stranger in the Room

  • Catchy heavy metal hearkening to Priest and Maiden - done right, without sounding contrived.
  • I like the slower pace of Stranger in the Room

3. Depeche Mode - Going Backwards

  • Obviously literal song message is obvious.
  • Great return to form!

4. Tame Impala - New Person, Same Old Mistakes

5. Impure Wilhemina - Bones and Heart

6. Tyler, The Creator - Boredom

  • Never been a solo-Tyler fan, but boy, this album is fantastic!
  • Boredom is the perfect type of hip-hop song: clever and infectious.

7. Chelsea Wolfe - The Culling

  • This is impressive and enjoyable songwriting right here.
  • The Culling pulls the right amounts of ambience, drone, and sludge to create an ethereal landscape.

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