Proxy Evidence for Recent Warming

Dr. Fred Singer visited the UT campus last week and gave a talk containing the usual climate denial yarns and I hear, most artfully (not!) dodged scientific questions. I wish I could've attended but unfortunately, I had a class at the same time. This post was motivated by the following claim of his in a WUWT post (in retaliation to the BEST results being publicized and unfavorable to his interests) which he rehashed in the talk as well:

And finally, we have non-thermometer temperature data from so-called proxies: tree rings, ice cores, lake and ocean sediments, stalagmites. Most of these haven’t shown any warming since 1940!

To put it simply: this is false.

Here, I have compiled a (very short) list of scientific articles (keeping the Manns and the Briffas i.e. tree rings away) where the authors do report recent warming in various proxy data. Ice cores, foraminifera, diatoms, stalagmites, corals and lacustrine & marine sediment cores compose some of the listed proxies. Not only do these different proxies around the world show a pronounced warming in the late 20th century, they are also useful in revealing the fossil fuel signature source of recently accumulating carbon dioxide (the Suess effect, see here and here) in the atmosphere. 

Proxy evidence for recent warming:

This is a very small subset of papers where authors report late 20th century warming via non-tree ring proxies. Coincidentally (or not), the marine sediment cores that I am currently working on shows a large 20th century warming signal as well. In fact, I would place more trust in proxies than pre-satellite (pre~1950) or reanalysis data in accurately recording temperature and other climatic variables.

Summary: Dr. Singer's claim is false.